Mold Remediation


Mold Remediation


When  moisture intrudes and remains too long whether a result of a hurricane or  natural disaster, a minor water leak, or construction defect  mold can occur,  potentially causing serious secondary damage and health concerns. Certified Pro Restorations history  in providing mold remediation services began in 2008, providing this specialty environmental service.

Our Protocol

Initial inspection and testing 
Development of work scope
Containment set-up, management and tear-down
Removal and discarding of total loss items
Remediation and removal of contaminated building  materials 
Detailed cleaning and decontamination of structures  and contents 
HVAC cleaning and decontamination 
HEPA vacuuming 
Air scrubbing 
Duct cleaning 
Moisture control 
Sanding and physically removal of mold growth from the  building envelope 
Installation and maintenance of HEPA equipment such as  vacuums and negative air machines during remediation process
Monitoring of negative pressure contaminants to keep  unaffected areas from becoming contaminated.
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